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Valentine’s Day fortune cookies

I frequently find myself telling people that I am a fortune cookie for a living. I’ve never before made them until today. I wrote out little messages to my hot boyfriend on scraps of paper (about 3 inches by 1/4 an inch at the most). Recipe yields about 16-18 cookies.

1 egg
1/3 cup water
2 Tbsp canola oil
1/4 cup cornstarch (I also added an extra tablespoon of cornstarch in a few teaspoons of water because I couldn’t get the consistency of the batter quite right)
1/4 tsp vanilla

Mix the water and cornstarch. Beat the egg with the sugar and vanilla till fluffy but not quite stiff. Add the oil to the sugar and stir. Stir in the cornstarch + water. Keep the batter whipped up before you spoon it out. It’ll be runny and fluffy.

I rubbed a skillet with oil and preheated over medium heat while I was making the batter.

Drop a tablespoon of batter on the hot skillet and use the back of the spoon to spread it out in a circle (by moving it outwards in a circular motion). It’ll bubble up if it’s thin enough and if the skillet is hot enough. It’ll burn if the skillet is too hot.

Use a thin metal spatula to lift the edge and then with your fingers, gently pull up the little pancake. Flip over and let it brown on the other side until the batter is dry and doesn’t stick when you pull it away.

Use the spatula to lift the edge and your fingers to pull it from the skillet. Work quickly while it’s still hot — place the fortune in the center (I folded them in half) and bring two sides together, pressing them to form a seam. Then fold in half the other way so it makes the fortune cookie shape. Hold it a few seconds and prop it up to cool and harden (you could put them in a cupcake pan so they don’t come apart while cooling).

These aren’t easy to make. I ruined the first dozen or so. I’m not entirely sure I’d want to make them again, but I was pleased with how they turned out. Some tips: wipe the crumbs out of the skillet each time and re-oil after a few cookies; keep the edge of the spatula clean and debris-free; don’t get angry and manhandle the skillet, you’ll only burn your hand. Yikes!


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